245: Tuesday 19th March 2013

Nothing much happening at the moment. I shall be finishing the right side body kit skirt when I can get some time and good weather and still no fresh batteries. My MOT has run out, but I have still got insurance and road tax. I shall not bother with a new MOT until I have some fresh batteries. I have a range of about 4 miles now, so this is more or less useless. I also want to get the body kit finished off in red then save up for a paint job all over. I am only doing a temporary paint job.

Recently a had a Facebook message from Martin Rogers who has been converting an Audi TT ( http://electrictt.blogspot.co.uk/ ) to Electric about getting the tax changed and renewed. He wanted to know about the letter I used to get it approved. I have now added this to the side panel as a link. I have put the bits that need to be changed in Bold Italic on the letter so you can put your own details. This only applies to cars in the UK. I hope this helps someone else in future. I got the guy who did my MOT to write this letter and stamp it. It is vital that you include the chassis number as DVLA refused my letter at first until I put the chassis number on.