279: Tuesday 7th April 2015

I took an extra couple of days off on top of the Easter Break to give myself a 6 day run at getting the Lithium batteries mounted in the trunk. Unfortunately just before Easter I had been suffering with gout in my left knee and then flu. At the end of the break I had just managed to move the existing batteries in the trunk to rearmost allowing space to mount the new batteries at the same time. They just fit for height with the tailgate shut.
I also made a sample connector for the new battery pack. This gives me a template for making the rest. I bought 4 strips of copper 3x 15x 900mm. I drilled the holes at M10 for M8 bolts allowing for expansion and movement. The small bolt in the middle is for the battery monitoring system. This will monitor groups of 4 batteries initially. I shall work with Ray to introduce more boards and increase the monitoring to all 38 batteries.