292: Saturday 24th June 2017

It's been a while since the brushes burnt out on my old DC motor and I started the change to AC. I had painted the new bracket for the rear motor mount and went out to fit all the brackets. I had forgotten to paint the modified driveshaft bearing support bracket. So I painted that and then spent some time tidying my tools away. I have been working on my kitchen at the weekends and spent one weekend in Dublin Ireland to see Kraftwerk live at the gas board theatre. Today I got back on the Probatron conversion. I needed to strike a compromise because I still have things to do with the house and the car, so I am doing car on Saturdays and House on Sundays until both are moved on. The picture below shows the new Curtis controller and my old DC-DC converter positioned on my old heat sink that I had for the Zapi controller.
Had to do a bit of drilling and cutting the fins on the heat sink to get the bolt holes lined up on the controller. I also mounted the throttle brackets and fitted a new spring to the throttle box. I then mounted the whole assembly onto the car brackets. The controller was touching the brake pipes on the firewall, so I gave the pipes a tweak with a hammer and a block of wood then it bolted in just fine.