137: Friday 23rd April 2010

I have nearly completed 900 miles since 9th March, so far no real problems with the drive. I am still waiting for the LEDs that I ordered so I set about fixing a typical Ford Probe problem. When I unlock from the drivers door, the passenger door does not unlock and the alarm goes off. This suggests that it is unlocking mechanically, but the switch is not detecting the key so it is not operating the central locking. I took off the door pad and sure enough there was the switch hanging down inside the door. I clipped it back on and now the locks work fine. I put the door pad back together and that is a niggly job out the way. I won't need to go to passenger door now every time I get in the car. Of course now I won't keep setting off my alarm when I forget too. I am looking forward to getting my LEDs so I can get the fuel gauge working now.

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