171: Friday 5th November 2010

I had ordered a conductive plastic precision potentiometer and it came yesterday. I got a 5k pot this time as I could not find a 10k precision conductive plastic one. The Manual for my controller states that the pot needs to be between 500R and 10k, so this one is fine. I changed it over on the pot box even though the cheap carbon track pot with the thin plastic shaft was still working o.k. The difference is that there is almost no friction on the conductive plastic track, the linearity of the track is much better than a carbon track, the metal shaft supports the spring and throttle arm with no issues. Another thing I noticed was how easily the shaft of the pot turned. The wire wound types that I had were very stiff. This new pot was extremely smooth and easy, but feels really solid. It cost me £17 by the time it was posted to me and taxed etc. This is double what I paid for the last wire wound pots that I bought. These are now consigned to the reserves bench even though they have never been used. Hopefully my throttle problem is permanently solved, or at least for a very long time (years???).

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