183: Friday 1st April 2011

I got my car back on the road today. Still discussing the capacity issue with my batteries, but the supplier has tested them and now they are back on the car. I am still limited to 10 miles, but this is enough to get me to work on a cold day, just. When I was fitting the batteries back I found a broken weld on the battery trays and this was causing that annoying banging noise. I drilled through and bolted it back together and I shall get round to re-welding at some point soon. I cured the vibration on the rear centre stop lamp and and fixed my rear view mirror back on the windscreen and all is back up ready to go. I now have the charger set to provide a float charge after the normal charging cycle to keep it topped up to a good level so long is the cord is connected. This means I don't lose charge while it is sitting after the charge cycle completes, cool. Seems to have the desired effect. Anyway the car is truly silent now, no knocks or bangs any more.

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