202: Friday 5th August 2011

Did nothing today apart from watching movies. I am glad because it was raining and really humid. Yesterday I finished mounting the batteries in the trunk. In the photo below you can see the left side hold down bracket. Notice how there is a "dog-leg" going off the side panel where there was a fixing to hold a cargo net, that was a handy fixing point. These were also fixed to the floor of the trunk.
In this photo you can better see the hold down bracket across the top. This has a bend in it so that it applies pressure to all the batteries across the width. After the previous battery slide I was making sure these were very secure.
After having done a couple of drives in sport mode (the full 800A max) all the 12v systems started failing at around 7 miles. This was due to a failure of the main 12v battery (normal car battery). With a garage full of deep cycle batteries, it seemed like a crime to go and buy a new ordinary car battery that is not really designed for this kind of usage, so I set about figuring out how to mount another battery in the front and it just about fits. My first attempt would not allow me to shut the hood, but with some adjustments of heights and angles I was able to mount this battery firmly and make a hold down bracket too. As space was limited, I had to weld this bracket together as I could not have nuts and bolts sticking up in the air. It does make a neater job too, but you also need to get it right first time or it is a real pain re-doing. The connections were made using some cables I had laying around. I shall revisit this some time soon. After my first drive, the 12v system was low, but had not been charged after I had installed it. The second drive, after a charge saw my 12v system at a much healthier level and in both cases I did not lose any functionality, so that is another upgrade done. This cost me an extra half day that I hadn't planned for. I still need to get the front up in the air to refit the wheel arch liners and some clips on the front bumper. In the photo below, the space behind the left head lamp is where the old battery was, and the battery on its end is the new one.

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