225: Wednesday 25th January 2012

I went and got new wheels at lunch time today. They are 18 inch diameter x 8 inch width with 225x40x18 tyres. They are from a VW Scirocco, but I got them with Ford badges in the centres. The photos don't do it justice.


  1. Hi.
    How could put them on this car? My wife wants the same wheels but I only find it in 5x112 and not in 5x114.3 for the Probe. Are those some replicas? Where did you found them?

  2. They are the VW Scirocco wheels and they are originally 5x112. Before I bought them I checked out with my friend at work who tests wheels and tyres, brakes all day. The shop said they can get the holes slotted out by 1mm to fitt 114.3 pitch and also the centre has to be bored out to fit the probe hub. My friend said they do this regularly for odd sizes and it is not a problem. I work at the Ford Research centre in UK (Dunton) and I check everything first before I do anything. Luckily I work where there are hundreds of highly skilled automotive Engineers and can always get good advice on what is ok and not. So I went back to the shop and told them to go ahead and modify the wheels. They supplied and fitted them wth tyres for £680 for all wheels tyres, fitted and modifications etc. I love these wheels and they where also a lot cheaper than the Wolfrace equivalent and I like them better. Let me know if you want me to pass you details of the supplier. I guess you are in Germany, is this correct?