253: Sunday 9th June 2013

I still have the roof to paint, but I also had a flue pipe to fit on our house this weekend. That took some time and today the weather is not so good, so I decided not to attempt any painting. I did fit the new front license plate. I like the way it looks, fits nicely to the bumper and doesn't hide any of the styling features. Friday my brother came round to check out the body kit fit and finish so we can work out the preparation for the final paint job. I should be able to get a big workshop for a weekend so we can get it nice and heat soaked, smoothed over and primed then flatted and painted. I can start organising the battery monitoring system now and get it fitted and working. It is good timing as I Have at least one, and I suspect more, batteries that are faulty including the auxiliary battery for the 12v system. Then I can put the interior back together and sort out some fresh batteries. Then get a new MOT test and I'll be back on the road. I need to get running again so I can get my car to the workshop for painting. Anyway I am pleased with the new GB number plate.

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