256: Thursday 12th September 2013

Sunday I made 4 cables and some copper strips to link up the new batteries. I made the cables using 50mm squared wire and lugs with 8mm holes crimped on. The copper strips were made by flattening some 15mm plumbing pipe in my bench vice. I ran out of time as we had my daughters football match to go to. She is now playing semi-professional in a women's team and our matches are all in stadiums now (nice and dry). I took my car for a brief drive and the extra weight meant I caught every speed bump. The side popped off the rear bumper and needs repair. So I needed to raise the back end. I had some 3 inch standoffs made so I can raise the top of the rear suspension struts and hence the rear of the car by 3 inches. That should be enough. Anyway the parcel came today and they shall be fitted at the weekend. 

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