280: Saturday 30th May 2015

Spent last weekend and a few hours during the week trying to get the racks made for the lithium batteries to go in the trunk. I shall sell off the lead acid batteries to people doing solar projects and alike. It's quite a tight fit, but I can get all 38 batteries in one place. This will make the loading more balanced. Once I have removed the lead acid batteries from the front I can use the space for the hydraulic suspension pump accumulators and valves etc. Also started getting noises from my motor again. When I release the throttle pedal I get regen braking. It is possibly a stuck relay, but this was disabled to reduce arcing on the motor brushes. I shall replace the brushes and try to figure out where the logic is failing on the regen control. Sparky has been on the road and electric for over 5 years now. We have completed 15000 miles of electric driving. Apart from the batteries, I have had to repair the motor when the brushes wore out and damaged the commutator. Otherwise it has been really reliable.

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