159: Sunday 19th September 2010

I tightened the nuts on the hold down brackets in the trunk, and checked the connections. All is still well. I am coming up on 3000 electric miles recorded. You may remember that my speedo was broken for a while when there was some plastic fragments jammed in the mile counter, so I have probably already passed this point now, but I have about 100 miles to go before it shows on my clocks. I have been busy rebuilding my kitchen so I have not done much to the Probatron for a while now. I hope to start publishing some more detailed accounts of certain parts of the build. I tend to provide just enough information to make it readable by most people, so if you have a suggestion of a part of my build you want explained in more detail then please leave a comment and we can have some dialogue before I publish a detailed account.


  1. Hello, I saw the Autocar article and just looked you up. What a fantastic project. Does Ford allow you to charge up for free at work? If so it must make for very cheap motoring!

    I bet a lot of people would like to follow in your footsteps - could you publish a build manual and perhaps sell kits of the key parts that others would need to do their own conversions?

    Best wishes

    Matthew Smith

  2. Hi Matt,
    At the moment I get to charge up for free at work, yes. I guess that will change when more people get electric cars in the next couple of years. I could publish a manual, but others have done this before. I am interested in doing this though. As far as kits go, I find they are over-priced and by spending some time and energy researching, you can get the same parts for less money by just arranging it all yourself. There is very little that is exclusive to any of these kit suppliers. I am happy to help anybody with my ideas and experience with their own project. I can only provide specifics for a Ford Probe as this is all I have built so far. I am looking forward to building another project and want to do it soon, but I need to take care of some other "tasks" around the home first and there are still some bits I need to make to finish this project. Really it is just the instruments I need to finish up now.