180: Saturday 26th February 2011

I finally got the Amps x 100 gauge working right. However it only tracks with motor controller programmer test function display when I am in sport mode. I guess this is because the voltage is more chopped in economy mode. Not to worry. I am trying to simplify my controls, so I may start driving in sport mode all the time now. With the gauge I can estimate how economically I am driving. In economy mode the current is limited, so it is hard to drive too hard. This is all very well, but I have to keep flicking over to sport to pull away either that or change gear. I don't want to do either. So I can just be more careful in sport mode and maybe up the regen a bit in sport mode. This does tend to make driving a little more jerky when slowing though. I shall just go up one step on the regen.

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