197: Thursday 7th July 2011

Today my batteries arrived at 7:30am on the dot, 23 of them. Now I need to figure out how to get them all in the car. When I got home from work I popped the terminal caps off and tested them. I found only 2 batteries had any charge at all in them. They had been completely discharged. In the photo you can see I have taken the 12v charger off the car to charge these one-at-a-time. This is going to take a few weeks, so now I am asking around for more chargers. I don't want to put them on the car charger as this will deliver a large current and these need to be conditioned back up to a working voltage. However it will take about 24 hours to charge each battery and I need 18 more to get the car working. If I had 2 chargers the would take about 9 days, with 3 chargers I can do this in under 1 week. I have plenty of other jobs to be getting on with until the batteries are all charged up. I need to get to the metal supplier and get some angle section to make the new brackets. I shall mount 4 in the front and 16 in the back. I need some copper straps to make the connections as well as I only have a limited supply. I was hoping to take my car to the vehicle enthusiasts day on Thursday next week, but it would be too much of a rush job to get it done in time. As I have a "spare car" now, I don't need to rush. I want to get back onto electric drive though as it is a lot cheaper, especially if I get to charge up at work.

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