200: Sunday 31st July 2011

I had a refreshing week in sunny Spain on an all-inclusive holiday last week. This mainly consisted of a few walks along the beach, but mostly swimming in one of the 4 pools, sunbathing, food and drinks all free and really nice. Spent one day in a spa having Turkish, Roman, Scottish bi-thermal and aroma bi-thermal baths as well as a hot and cold jacuzzi. Feeling quite relaxed now. Came back yesterday and today I have rebuilt the battery racks for the front end of the car. In the photo you can see the batteries in position on the new rack, but the hold-down bracket is not finished yet. That is a job for tomorrow along with the rear racks. I am going to shed loads of weight and gain my boot space back. I have to remount some other brackets too for the vacuum pump and other circuits. Some of the batteries that I have brought back have lost their charge in the week they have been left and I suspect they may be FUBAR. I shall contact the recyclers and see if he has some more I can do some swapping with. He is only interested in the weight of the lead.

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