208: Tuesday 20th September 2011

I have had a suspect battery on charge for 3 days now to get it up to the same level as the rest of the batteries on the car and after work I came home and put it on the car, then put the car on charge, so they can all charge up together. I am hoping this will get me some use for the coming week. My friend is progressing with the board layouts for the battery monitor display and then we shall be working through the sensing circuits and communications boards. My other friend is progressing with the fascia plate to mount this and the other switches on. It will either be chrome letters or a polished brass plate engraved and painted in with red. This will be on a shiny black background. This will be like putting the icing on the cake (for the interior). Meanwhile I keep phoning the battery salvage yard in the hope they will have some more bats I can do swaps with and squeezing the last few Ah of capacity out of the ones I have now. Hopefully I can win the lottery this week and get it kitted out with Lithium batteries. If I won the lottery I think I would get another Probe and convert it with a no compromise approach. The I would have a good looking hot car that could do 300 miles between charges. Dream on..... 87)

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