209: Tuesday 4th October 2011

For the last few days now I have been running on 9 batteries instead of 10 and getting a better range. I am still waiting for the battery recyclers to get some more deep cycle batteries so I can go and select some and swap with the dead ones I have now. I kept swapping the 1 dead battery, and the last one was promising, but it was charging much slower than the rest, so it was dropping down and down every time I discharged. I put this on the end of the pack and arranged a copper bar extension from the terminals of the last 2 batteries, so I can move the connection from 9 to 10 batteries easily. The motor controller seems to be ok with changing some settings and fooling it to believe it is a 96v system. The power is slightly less, but the range is more than double what I was getting before and the 9 batteries are all discharging evenly. I have to connect up for 10 batteries before charging as the charge is 120v only and I don't want to change this at the moment. The process is as follows; for example when I get to work, open the hood and pull the main battery pack connector go to the trunk and move the minus terminal cable from the 9th battery to the 10th and bolt it on. re-connect under the hood and then plug in the mains cable for charging. However yesterday I forgot to put the connector back on under the hood, so the charger was connected to nothing. Shock, horror, what was I to do? Fortunately I had done some tests the night before and I knew my range was 18 miles in ideal conditions, so 7.5 miles each way should be possible, and it was. That was really lucky though. The worst case was that I would have put it on charge and sat in work for couple of hours to boost it up. I learnt from that mistake and it won't happen like that again. Meanwhile work is still progressing on the battery monitor and the centre console plate, but I have nothing to show right now.


  1. WOW! James, meet James. I have a 1993 Ford Probe (Base Model) that I was considering electrifying when it stops passing SMOG/CARB/CAFE standards here in California and to to run across your blog, which is really a treasure chest of knowledge, all I can say is WOW. I haven't begun to read it all but just at first glance, I can only say thank you for documenting as well as you have! I'm sure that in the near future I'll be in contact with many questions! What a great job and so well executed!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment. There are over 200 entries in the blog going back to March 2009 when I first parked it up for the conversion to start (exhaust broke, insurance tax and MOT certificate all had about 3 days left). I you email me directly, you ask questions directly. I am happy to help. Is the 1993 model a mk1 or mk2? I have had to post this comment as anonymous for some unknown reason, but if you want to email me direct, my facebook badge is on the right or mail to jameskillick@blueyonder.co.uk