250: Sunday 26th May 2013

Started work on the front bumper yesterday. I spent some time helping with some gardening out the front as we are getting rid of our planter and having more space on the driveway for parking. I took the original bumper off and stripped the substructures and supporting bars off as well as the number plate and holder and the side lights / indicator units. Today I started with a loose fit of the front bumper. The photo below shows it hanging on the body with just a plastic clamp on each side. It was a good fit.
 I transferred the lights onto the new bumper. This was a simple matter of drilling the screw holes then fixing them. The substructures and support bars were all linked, so from one wheel arch, across the front to the other, everything was linked up. This made the aligning of the supports etc. really easy as then ends could only go in one place and everything else fitted well in between. Drilled all the holes and fitted it all together then mounted on the car. A few minor adjustments with a round file and it all fits well now. Tomorrow I shall be fibre glassing the sub structures to the skin or screws and nuts etc, then ready for painting.

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