260: Thursday 14th November 2013

My Friend came round last night to take my car to the garage for the MOT test. I gave him a lift to work today and on the way home we stopped at the garage to pick up Sparkie. MOT passed with a couple of very minor issues. I had reached 10 miles range when I got home and this was good to start with. I put him on charge and went out for a drive later, but it didn't have a full charge so I got only 8 miles before the levels dropped. It felt like a single battery was failing. I need to rejig the batteries now to get more of the fresh ones I have on board. I probably could have stretched it to 10 miles, but there was no point. He shall get a full charge overnight and be ready for another test tomorrow. It takes a few charge / discharge cycles to wake the batteries up. and I hope to be on a happy 10 miles or more to do the trip to work. I also got a circuit diagram for the charge cable so I can make my cable and use the level 2 charge points at work again. It is inconvenient having the charge points changed, but at least now I will have more options for charging up at other places once I have made the cable.

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