267: Sunday 16th February 2014

Now the Mesh is done on the front bumper, I just need to wire up the spotlights then I have done all the outside body modifications I had planned. I turned my attention back to the battery monitoring system I was developing. I had the boards for a while now, but I needed to mount them in the car and wire up. It took a while to thread the serial cable and power cable under the carpet and through to the centre console from the rear trunk. I mounted the circuit boards onto the lid of a 'clipshut' lunchbox that I bought for £1. I cut a section out of the end so the wires can come out at the bottom.
I connected an old power supply connector that fitted the board to the 12v supply for the electric drive controls and connected one of the measurement input 'pair of wires' with croc clips to one battery. I just need to get either a gender changer or a serial 9 pin lead with male plugs on both ends then re-flash the software in the boards and we should be ready for the first tests of the display. Once this is working I shall work out how to translate this onto an android phone or tablet. I shall probably try some different configurations on my integrated touch screen first.

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