273: Wednesday 5th November 2014

Since the last time I posted on here I had a number of problems with the display flickering. I checked all the supplies and the earth connections but could find no fault. Eventually the display just died. I took it to my friend Ray who put it under his magnifier and found I had cracked it. I bought a new display and based on the experience I had, changes were made to make it a little easier to read. I mounted the new display to the crash pad in stead of the dash panel, so there is no physical connection to the cover. I shall add more functionality that will use the touch screen to select a single battery to monitor in future, so a good solid fixing will hopefully stop any future cracking of screens.
I took the overall Voltage bar over to the left so it sits on its own. When it was on the right it was blending in to the other bars. I also added the LED displays at the bottom. The left LED is the overall Voltage, the right is Amps. The Amps will only show 800 as there is no connection to any current sensor at this time. I went for a drive and found it much easier to read the display now and the Voltage LED display was following the Voltage reading from the motor controller tester function. Only problem was at random interval the bars went high or low, so I suspect the measure boards are doing something weird. It would be no surprise as this is version 1.0 still.

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