274: Sunday 9th November 2014

I received an email from a guy called Christopher Allen who was promoting an electric car price guide that he wants to get onto every USA newsstand. Please visit the link and donate of possible, but please spread the word. See notes below from the email from Chris...:

"I believe that having a comprehensive guide to EVs on the newsstand right next to all the other automotive titles is crucial to creating demand for EVs. The problem is, as Car and Driver pointed out in the current issue, "...at present, no carmaker (other than Tesla) wants to sell one more electric than it absolutely has to.""

"So we've launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the 2015 EV Buyers Guide on 1,000 more newsstands so that more people can get the whole story about the new low cost of zero emission driving. The project is at:


If you'd be willing to support the campaign, tell a friend, or even just post a note about it on one of your social media sites, it would be deeply appreciated."

"We'll be hosting another Electric Car Guest Drive in April. We'll have at least three new EVs in the club: the BMW i3, Chevy Volt and - cross your fingers it comes out in time - the Audi A3 e-tron. I'll be happy to send you a complimentary invitation if you'd like. Hope to see you there."

....end of message from Chris...!

Please support this drive by re-posting and donations. Thanks....James Killick.

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