277: Thursday 26th February 2015

Today I received new batteries. 38 x CALB 180Ah giving a 21.6kWh pack. I have ordered a JLD 404 to monitor the amp hours in and out and I need to send my charger back to have a new microprocessor put in so I can select Lithium. The microprocessor I have at the moment only has charging curves for Lead Acid batteries. I also need to make new racking, lots to do now.


  1. James,

    Pretty cool! Those batteries will turn you car into a real screamer. I couldn't believe the difference Lithium batteries made in my Fiero, I think the combination of less voltage sag and less weight will surprise you.


  2. Hi Randy, what is your battery spec?

  3. They are the Better Place Packs that EVTV sold. That same cells that are in a Nissan Leaf. They charge to 4.2 volts per cell and the nominal voltage is 3.7 volts, a little higher than LiFePo4. I actually think your cells will have less voltage sag under acceleration that mine will. They are LiMn2O4 chemistry made in Japan, Automotive Energy Corporation.