278: Sunday 8th March 2015

Today I fitted my JLD 404 Intelligent Ah meter. I sacrificed another air vent in the centre dash alongside the battery voltage monitoring system. The combination of the 2 will enable easy monitoring of the battery condition, and capacity and usage. The JLD 404 in particular enables watching amps in and out of the battery pack. I bought this to monitor my new Lithium battery pack when I get it mounted and connected. You can see a small gap under the meter, but this is because I need to get the proper clips to secure dash panel properly. When it is pushed in the fit is really good. A bit of tweaking in the next few days shall get it fitting just right. I have some configurations to enter as the amp values are not right at the moment. The voltage levels shown are a bit lower than that shown by the motor controller programming module, but I expected this as I had a normal voltmeter on there before and saw the same, so I have confidence in the values. The programmer has loads of smoothing and algorithms applied to the voltage, whereas the JLD 404 provides a direct instantaneous reading. 

I also put some black silicon adhesive under my rear side window as it was 'floppy', stuck solid now. I clamped it for a good 4 hrs or so to make sure it was stuck good. Result was good.

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