290: Sunday 23rd April 2017

On my way home from work just before Easter and sparkie broke down with the motor arcing. Got the motor out today and 2 of the 8 brushes have gone and the rest are badly worn. I am going to take the plunge and change to AC. I'm going with a HPEVS AC-50 motor and a Curtis 1239-8501 at 120v. Also the taper lock was broken on the flywheel hub, so that explains the clonking when pulling away.


  1. Nice.. And the brushes will never wear out in that then :-)
    You going to make use of the regen?

  2. Actually, a Curtis 1239-8521. Should be getting the motor on Friday (28th April 2017). Of course I will be very keen to be using regen frequently, especially now I know the gearbox is still good...