242: Saturday 16th February 2013

Finally the rear bumper from my body kit is painted. It is not a fantastic job and I will have it done again along with the rest of the car. However it is not white and will look like it belongs on the car even though my painting skills leave a lot to be desired. It took me a long time because there was loads of blemishes and small cracks along with some nasty chips that I had to repair and finish. I am not very good at this so it took several attempts to get it right. The finish of the bumper is good, but the paint has orange peel on the red. I have tried to polish it out, but stopped as I could see the paint wearing through before I got a nice smooth finish. Fortunately this was a test area behind where the number plate goes. The black has some pin holes in it but shines real nice. Before it goes back on I need to put some stainless steel mesh behind the exhaust pipe cut-outs. The tiny cut outs will have ultrasonic parking sensors mounted in them (another project for later). So once I have some mesh mounted, it can go back on the car. Then I can put the wheels back on and put him back on the road. I also spoke to my battery salvage supplier and he may be getting some new (salvage) batteries in soon and I should be able to pick 15 good ones to run again. I have 2 duds on the car and 13 in my garage, so this should give me a good stock of spares for the future. Also I have seen a brief video of the battery monitoring system working, but it was done on a mobile phone and not very clear. It had a bit of a slow display refresh rate and my friend Ray said he can make some changes and get it fast enough that the eye won't see any changes. It was something to do with refreshing the display for each piece of data instead of refreshing it for a block of data. It should be about 10 times faster in future. The refresh rate was about 0.5 seconds initially. So we should be able to fit this on soon. Then this can be upgraded to display in different ways and then add a rear view camera to the system and ultrasound sensing to measure distances for reversing. This will ensure I don't damage my beautiful new bodywork...!

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