243: Friday 22nd February 2013

The new grille material arrived Wednesday, and it was my daughter Sydney-Ann's 17th Birthday yesterday. So armed with her provisional driving license and some insurance we went driving. She has driven at a closed driving centre many times before, so she knows how to handle a car, but this was her first time on the open road. She did really well on her first drive than had a driving lesson with an instructor later in the afternoon. This was a bit of a shock to her, but she didn't really like the instructors teaching style so now we are looking for a new instructor. Day 2 of her driving and she has calmed down a bit more now and I had time to go fit the mesh on my rear body kit bumper. I put the bumper face down on some trestles (with padding), offered up the mesh to the holes to be covered and marked them about 15mm larger than the hole with a red marker pen. I took some electrical cutters and nipped along the marked lines to get the general shape. I offered the mesh up the bumper and generally bent the edges over carefully. Then I took a small hammer and gently tapped the edges of the mesh. It felt soft like shaping lead, and it was easy to work. I then mixed up some P40 fibre glass and applied it below the mesh and then pulled it up onto the edges. When it was dry I could turn it over to take this photo. Everything is nice and solid and it looks really neat. Next is to fit the bumper on the car, hopefully for the last time, then I can put the wheels back on and get him back on the road.

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  1. Very nice, although, I probably would've gone with painting the mesh black. Good pattern though. Keep us posted, I'm liking your work!