52: Saturday 5th September 2009

Finished up wiring the PAS switch. The switch has a light in it, so I wired it to the key 3 ouput so that it only lights up when it is on. Tested all the circuits and everything works o.k. I had a check of the other wires and found the temperature gauge connection. I can't remember if it was good luck or foresight that made me keep this wire, but now I can workout how to mount the old engine temperature sensor. The ADC FB4001 motor has a dead end hole with a 5/8 UNC thread in the side of the body. I can get a 5/8 bolt and drill into it then use some liquid metal to mount the sensor inside the bolt, then just screw it into the motor. Then I can keep an eye on the motor temperature. I took the speed sensor out of the gearbox and removed the gear drive from the end. Connected the speed sensor to the loom and attached my battery drill to the shaft. I got a friend to operate the drill while I watched the speedo. I can confirm that my drill, with a flat battery goes 14 MPH. I then spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the gearbox mounts and the cross member. I have one more cross member to clean.

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