56: Sunday 11th October 2009

I mounted the flywheel onto the shaft adapter and hub for the motor, then fitted the clutch. I got the clutch plate centred then tightened the pressure plate and slid it all onto the gearbox. I then mounted the gearbox adapter plate to the gearbox ready to drill the holes for the electric motor and adapter ring. I decided it would be easier to align the spacer ring to the hub as it protrudes through the plate. I used some cable cleats to centre the spacer ring around the hub (they happened to be about the right size). Then I ran a hand drill down the 10mm holes in the spacer ring to mark the plate. I took the gearbox adapter plate off and finished the 10mm holes on my pillar drill. I then offered up the plate and spacer ring to the electric motor to check the bolt holes and they were fine. Need to borrow a hoist again to put it all back together in the car.

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