54: Thursday 1st October 2009

Today I picked up half of my gearbox adapter. My friend has the plate for the gearbox cut out, but it needs drilling and a bit of tidying up. I have seen this too. The way the shaft hub is mounted with the centre adapter for the flywheel is bolted from the motor side. Therefore I needed the outer adapter to go clear over the centre adapter so I can put the centre adapter (without the flywheel) on first, then the outer adapter. So I could not take advantage of the collar on the motor where the motor shaft comes out. So this part of the outer adapter has a lip to locate on the outside edge of the motor.

It sounds a bit complicated, but it is really quite straight forward. Anyway it doesn't quite fit, so the lip needs to be taken out another millimetre. Then I can mount the centre hub and adapter on the motor, the outer spacer ring onto the motor, offer up the gearbox plate to the motor, and fix the flywheel on. So the gearbox plate will be loose and floating. Next mount the clutch to the flywheel and centre it. Then slide the gearbox through the clutch and bolt the plate to the gearbox. When everything is then centred, mark the plate with the outside edge of the spacer ring. Then take it all apart again. Using the marks, the bolt holes for the plate and spacer ring can be drilled then the whole lot can be mounted on the motor side as a complete assembly. Once the flywheel and clutch is added, then the motor can be offered up to the gearbox and fitted. Everything should then be bang on centre.

I think I am going to need to do a cartoon strip of photos to explain this properly.

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