127:Friday 5th March 2010

Today the weather was quite good when I got home from work so I finished the first T-Cut. I need to give it another go over with a red colourfast T-Cut, then once more with Autoglym resin polish. That is all I will do then until I can afford to get a fresh paint job. Once I have the Autoglym done then I will apply the "PROBATRON" letters on the back of the car.
Then darkness fell, so I set about finding the leak on the power steering. I went to my local hydraulics supplier and he suggested trying either some fresh copper washers to seal the adaptor to the pump or some washers that have an integral rubber O ring (see photo). I tried both of these, but it is still leaking. The power steering works fine still, but it is dumping fluid. The problem is the adapter that I got to marry the Probe banjo fitting to the Toyota pump is trying to seal between the outside of the fitting and the casting on the pump. The casting is a rough finish and it won't seal properly. I think it is not square with the thread. That is o.k. for a Toyota pipe as this seals inside the pump directly on the end of the pipe with a small O ring. So the plan now is to get the pipe off the probe and go to my hydraulics guy and get him to join the end of the Toyota pipe directly to the end of the Probe pipe, then I will have the correct fittings on both ends and there should be no more leaks. Also I sorted out the insurance to start next Tuesday morning. I have booked a day off work to go to the DVLA office and get the log book changed and my free tax disk. I just hope the cover note comes by Tuesday. I know that there is no way they will issue a tax disc without the insurance document and the MOT certificate. I phoned them and checked. They must see the actual paper copies!

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