133: Sunday 21st March 2010

All the time I have been doing this electric car conversion I have had a companion that I believe deserves a mention. This fox sits on top of a pile of bricks that I have on our driveway (next job!) and occasionally takes a sip of water from the little pools on the polythene cover. Right on Foxy...
Yesterday I installed some slave relays for the clutch switch, the brake switch and a "sport / economy" selector switch. These are operated by the 12v switches and pass 120v signals to the motor controller. The clutch relay has 2 purposes; it provides a throttle switch input that disables the release regen because the controller believes the throttle is not released and it cuts the feed to the brake relay so brake regen is disabled. The net effect is the clutch pedal when pushed disables all types of regen. This enables me to change gear without any regen going on. I need to look into the arcing problem, but I have a solution. When the cutback reduces the motor voltage, it also reduces the release regen, so if I add another relay to control the sport mode only, then I can use another cutback input for when the throttle is released therefore reducing the regen when the throttle is released in sport mode. As the speed is limited in economy mode I want remove the cutback when the throttle is released to get the full regen effect. Then I have the best of both worlds and no arcing. The photo below shows the "sport / economy" switch mounted in the centre console just behind the gear lever. It looks like it has always been there and I am really pleased about that. Just need to get a label made up for it now. This fits in with my principle of not cluttering the car with switches and buttons etc. that look out of place.

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