126:Thursday 4th March 2010

Passed the MOT today, but developed a small leak on the power steering. I think it is where the banjo is seated against the casting on the pump and it is not sealing properly. I believe my local hydraulics expert has some washers for that. I had one with like a rubber o ring in the middle of it and I may be able to get a couple more and hopefully that will stop the leak. My friend who got the MOT done took it for a drive to various repair places collecting bits and clocked up 16 miles and it still has some charge left. I still haven't had a drive myself yet. When I got home from work my wife and I fumbled around trying to find the details of the insurance I had pre-arranged, but the email was deleted. By the time we searched through the browsing history and found the website and hence the phone number, they had all gone home. Tomorrow I will get the insurance started and then next week I can go to the DVLA to get my log book changed and sent off and collect my free tax disc.

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