140: Sunday 2nd May

Didn't really do anything today as I was supposed to limit my car projects to weekdays. I was also supposed to be building a brick wall, but it rained nearly all day. I did go for a little drive (providing the Dad taxi service) and the gauge is working fine, and I took some more photos. This time they came out much better due to the day light. The first photo is more like what you see at night and the second like daytime. You can see how weak the yellow and orange LEDs are in these shots. I will be swapping these for red ones and adding 2 more green to the top end of the scale. For some reason the mileage counters have stopped working. It is probably where I took the cluster apart. The speedo still works fine, but I can't tell how far I have gone. It is a good job that I now have a battery level indicator so I know when to go on charge. It still looks much clearer in real life than in the photos.

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