142: Wednesday 5th May 2010

I finished up the charge indicator LEDs. When I was trying to find a supply for the connection to the common terminals on the 120v battery charger, I picked up a 12v supply from the diagnostic connector. While I was making the connections, the other end of the wire touched a screw head and the horn went off continuously. So I got a piggy-back connector on the fuse block for the control box and looped across to a spare fuse slot instead and fitted a 5A fuse in it. Then I picked up the other side of the fuse to the common terminals. I wired the normally open contacts for aux1 and aux2 on the charger to the LEDs. I had already installed 1k drop resistors at the LED ends. Now when I plug the charger in the bottom blue LED comes on (see photo), and when the charge is complete both LEDs come on. If the fuse in the mains supply blows or the supply is interrupted for any other reason then all the LEDs are off, simple!

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