144: Friday 28th May 2010

If you work at Ford in the UK, see if you can still get hold of a copy of the May Ford news. If you click on the article below, you can read it properly.
After a succession of blown fuses, I decided it was time to uprate the protection for the charger. It was blowing a 13A fuse about once every week or two, so it must be just borderline. The last time I noticed the plug on my extension lead, the plastic on the live pin had gone all crispy and it fell apart in my hand. I put a new plug on it and moved it to another socket. I bought the parts to wire a 16A socket to my fuse board, but I got the wrong type of circuit breaker for the fuse board that I have. I still had the right parts for the car, so I set about fitting those. You can see in the photo below there is a circuit breaker in the box that mounted on the bracket where the cruise control module used to sit. I removed the cruise control module and the cable (that was always in the way), and mounted the new circuit breaker. It is now rated to 16A just like the caravan type connector. I shall pop down the electrical wholesalers tomorrow morning before my daughter's football training and get the other circuit breaker changed for the right type. I am using a 20A breaker in the fuse board to ensure that it will trip on the car first unless there is a problem with the cable getting cut then it will trip on the fuse board.

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