141: Tuesday 4th May 2010

Today I intended on getting my charge indicators working, but the distraction was that one of my external hard drives wouldn't work on my PC, so I spent ages trying to fix it to no avail. I did get the 2 x 5mm blue LEDs mounted on the cluster bezel with the cable and a 3 pin connector on the end. Small progress! Tomorrow I will try and get the wires through to the charger so I can connect it all up. One indicator shows that the mains electric supply is connected and the other shows when the charge is complete. As I have blown a few fuses it will be useful to see when the mains has gone off. While the car is charging, if you listen carefully you can just about hear the fans in the charger. But without opening the hood I have no way of knowing it has completed until now (well maybe tomorrow).

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