149: Tuesday 3rd August 2010

Not much happening at the moment. I went to build the circuit for the current sensor and I looked at the data sheet and found that I need 3 capacitors and a regulated 5v supply. I had none of these parts, so I ordered them on-line today and they should arrive before Friday I ordered a 7805 voltage regulator as this is a fairly standard 5v regulator. I am on vacation at home at the moment and I am doing some building work on the back of my house, so progress on the Probatron is slow. I am also trying to figure out how to raise some money for a new set of Lead acid AGM batteries. I have some lined up from a supplier. They are Numax 150Ah AGM batteries and will cost around £1868 for 10 batteries. I prefer Lead acid AGM because they are relatively cheap, but the AGM construction is sealed and built for taking regular heavy loads and recharging. These are the best for their regen ability as "opportunity charging" is not a problem.

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