151: Tuesday 17th August 2010

Monday the new batteries arrived as planned. They are actually Lucas batteries and Numax is another brand name. I sort of knew this, but these are clearly marked Lucas. The spec is what I expected. They are 44kg each and that is about the same as the ones I am taking out. The dimensions are such that I can only get 2 in the front of the car and that means I need to put 8 in the trunk. This required a quick remodel of the layout on the PC, printed it off and set about refitting them. I didn't get much done yesterday as I was busy trying to bodge the batteries in, then having a hissy fit about the mess in the garage. Once I had calmed down I decided this is not the right approach as everything else so far has been done with consideration and very little bodging. I decided to just remove the front battery rack and cut it down to the right size for the new batteries.
You can see in the photo below that the bracket had to be adjusted about 80mm narrower to be able to sit the batteries on the rack. I used my angle grinder to remove the bracket, then I drilled a hole through the bracket parts and cleaned up all the ends with a file and finally bolted it together. Then into the garage for more of my spectacular welding :-). Now the bracket is sitting in my vice with a fresh coat of that fire engine red Hammerite paint on the exposed parts where I have made alterations.


  1. I was busy helping my wife with some stuff for her work until like midnight, so I didn't really have time for blogging. I do try to update whenever I do something new and at the moment that is usually at least once per week. I have been extending our conservatory at home and I have the outside done and am now rebuilding the kitchen inside as time and money permit. I am extra busy at the moment.... :-)