153: Friday 20th August 2010

I fitted the battery hold down bracket and this went in easily without any further modification. I found the 12v charger wedged nicely under the slam panel and that was about where it was before. I then made up a link cable to join the batteries in series.
I then moved the DC-DC converter to several positions and found a bracket holding the 2 fan relays that are no longer used. I clamped this up on the bracket sticking out from the bottom of the DC-DC converter and now it is held in it's new position next to the suspension.
I then went to the back of the car and took out the old batteries and the rack and started making a new rack. When I was taking the batteries out I found the offending battery had a big bubble on the plastic at the back. A quick run over with my tester revealed a voltage of 10.3v and the others were all 12.3v, so the others may still be serviceable if anybody wants to buy them I have 9. I decided to change the layout again to improve the connections and keep them to copper straps and really short. I want to avoid making up cables as much as possible. There is much less to go wrong with a simple copper strap. So looking into the trunk the layout will be 2 rows of 4 batteries. For this I only need to make one link cable and the rest can be joined with copper straps. It also looks a lot neater. I got most of the metal cut, but ran out of welding rods, so I packed up for the night. Tomorrow I can finish cutting the pieces and welding them all together, then I can paint it. When the paint is dry I can install the bracket, load the batteries and connect them, then I should be mobile again.

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