150: Friday 13th August 2010

Last week the batteries gave out on the Probatron. I was driving along on a local journey, and after about 3 miles the batteries let out a scream, a sulphurous egg smell and I had a drastic loss of power causing the controller to reset. I guess this is what happens when a battery reverses. I have heard of this phenomenon, but never experienced it. Fortunately this happened when I was on my way back and I only had to go round a corner then park up. So now getting some new batteries has moved up the agenda somewhat. First I needed to find funding as I had already worked out what to get and where to get them from. I eventually figured out how to pay and made the order yesterday. I got a phone call today saying that the batteries had arrived at the depot and they will get them out to me on Monday. The batteries I have ordered are Numax SLC150-12 AGM lead acid batteries, 10 of. They are 12v each and 150Ah @ 20 hrs. I now need to rebuild the battery racks as these are different dimensions to the previous batteries.

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