118: Friday 12th February 2010

I took the Power steering pump off ready to install the Toyota electric pump. Unfortunately the threads on the pipes are different. I went to the local hydraulic pipe shop and they sorted me out some adapters and a new banjo bolt. Now I can connect the Probe pipework to the Toyota pump. I came back and checked that it fitted both ends and all was fine. You can see the new banjo bolt on the top of the pump in the photo. I made a bracket from some steel and aluminium angle that I had laying around. I made some electrical connections and gave the pump a quick run. All is well there too. I am waiting for my circuit breaker to arrive and I am ordering another Allbright contactor tonight. I can set it up to run tomorrow, then I can go back and rebuild the circuit with the breaker and contactor when they arrive. I will be much happier with this instead of a heavy duty auto relay. Maybe it is overkill, but I would rather have too much capability than not enough.

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