121: Monday 15th February 2010

Went for a longer test run today. We went to the local garage and topped the pressure in the tyres, then a drive round the streets. It started to get a bit sluggish, but we thought we would be bold and hit the main road, mistake! It slowed down just about 25 MPH and this was a busy road. Just about managed to climb the hill up to the exit slip. It was nearly all down hill from there. As we was getting close to home someone stepped onto the zebra crossing, so we had to stop. Just about managed to get enough power to get round the corner and onto the driveway. I checked all the batteries and found that they were all around 11.7 volts except one that was down to 9v. I changed it out for the spare that I had. Took another couple of runs round the block, but it was still sluggish. I then set about trying out different things with the controller. I linked the cutback inputs to positive as recommended and then switched off the battery check. It was still sluggish. By this time the battery indicator was showing only one light. I put it on charge and called it a night. If it is still sluggish after a short run then I suspect the batteries. They are not the right duty for this application. I suspect that may be where the problem lies. It is hard to tell at this stage as we did 5 miles (just about) with a duff cell. I am not sure how that affected the rest of the batteries, but I think that these batteries have already had one life and now they need to be retired. Unfortunately for me, if that is the case then I need to find about £1200 to get some new ones and go through making a new battery trays again. At least everything else is in place. The only other possibility is the controller, but it can only deliver what is available and that is a small current then it will be sluggish. Tomorrow's test will prove it out. Please leave comments as I need a sanity check after having to the replace the DC-DC converter, the brake vacuum pump, the heater core and the power steering pump. That only leaves the controller, batteries and motor and I would have had two of everything!


  1. Can the batteries be desulfided or have you already tried that?

  2. It wouldn't surprise me if they were, the batteries are not new. I only paid peanuts for them and they were never intended to be the final batteries. I just got home from work and took the car off charge. I tested each battery off load and they were either 12.7 or 12.8v. I hope to have another test run tonight and I hope it goes a bit better now I have replaced a bad battery.