125: Saturday 20th February 2010

Not much to report today. I have been 'T-Cutting' the paintwork. It is a bright red colour and has faded just about everywhere. I have done just over half the car today. I am using an original T-Cut to start with. When I have got the shine back, I am going over it again with a red colourfast T-Cut and I will finish up with Auto-Glym super resin polish. It won't be fantastic, but it will look nice and presentable. This is the best I can think of short of a new paint job. I have a painter lined up to do a bright red metallic with a gold flip and loads of lacquer. Then it will be special. I also plan to get the wheels chromed. I like the wheels and they are more than capable of taking the weight, but the painted finish does not have enough bling for me and they do have a few bubble and nicks on them. For now though a nice clean paint job is all I can muster (unless I win the lottery, - thinks...Lithium batteries, new paint.....). Anyway, I will take a photo when I have finished (if my arms can still lift the camera).

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