124: Friday 19th February 2010

The weather was nice when I got home from work, so I nipped out to the shops and got some T-Cut. I had a session on the roof with a polishing machine, my elbows, and lots of cloths and got a reasonably good shine on it. It started to get cold, so I fitted the battery hold down bracket in the rear. Now the batteries are all secure. I then went on to find out why my rear left indicator and fog light weren't working. I checked the bulbs and they were o.k. Next I put my tester in the bulb holder to make sure there was voltage present and there was. I had my tester grounded to a bolt on the body. I trimmed the ends of a piece of wire and ran it from the bolt for ground to the outside edge of the bulb holder and the lights then worked, curious as I had not removed any panels on that side of the car. Eventually I discovered the the wire inside the bulb holder had become unattached. I could just see the end of it and when I put a small screwdriver in there and touched it, it worked. So I got my soldering iron out and fed a load of solder down the gap. I managed to get the connection and now the rear lights are working. I have not come across this problem before and to have it twice was completely weird. Hoping to get insurance for 1st March, then I can get the MOT and tax sorted out. Then I can start driving on the roads, cool.

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