188: Wednesday 4th May 2011

I haven't mentioned much about batteries recently as I have been discussing this with my supplier. They had them for testing for 3 weeks and confirmed they were just about cycled out. I had them back and I have been getting about 7 miles before slowing down where I was getting around 40 miles when they were new. They have offered to buy them back for half the money I paid. Since the warranty was for 1 year and I have had over 8 months use, I have accepted this, so next week they will go back and I will get the cheque. I am not going back to Lead Acid batteries unless some recycled ones come along real cheap like the first set I had. I have some money coming in soon and hopefully I can drum up enough to get lithium batteries. I have decided to buy the batteries in stages and I shall start with 60Ah and 128v. This is 40 batteries in a string. I shall add another string of the same batteries at a later date when I have saved some more money. I realize this is not ideal, but it is what my budget allows for.
On the display subject, I have tried the test process recommended by the display supplier and it is just the same. I believe the display is damaged and I need another to verify this. Hopefully I can send this one back and the supplier can test it.

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