191: Thursday 19th May 2011

I keep forgetting to mention that I got a write up in the Revenge of the Electric Car, click to go there. That was a bit random, but it came about because of a comment that I left there and I was contacted by email. I had a conversation on the phone with the graphic display supplier Technical Director who turns out to be a real keen electronics person and knows all about the display. He had emailed me to show that my display was working after I sent it back for testing. I need to pick it up from the post office now as he has sent it back. I am pleased to know it is working and I also noticed in the photo that I had bought the wrong display type and that the circuit that he had the display connected to had the DC-DC converter LCD voltage capacitors mounted. We discussed this and the board that I got from Newhaven displays has some solder pads that happen to be just right for mounting the capacitors, so I did this last night and this then gets them off the prototype board and closer to the display itself. Hopefully I can get this working now. I shall post some photos of the capacitors mounted on the board soon.
This display is a reflective type and I was expecting an illuminated type, white on a blue background. I can use this for testing and then just swap it out for the white on blue display when I get one. They do have the same connections, but they also have an LED back light that just needs some power. This photo shows my actual display, so I know it works now and I can set about improving my test set up.

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