189: Friday 13th May 2011

Today my batteries went back to the supplier for a part refund, so now the Probatron is off the road until I get some more batteries. Now I can work on upgrades to the car and fixing some of those niggling problems that I keep putting off. If I have time I may even take off the bumpers and clean up the rusty bits underneath. I have had the Probatron in 3rd gear now for about 4 months and never had the need to change gear at all. For my motor and controller and gearbox, third gear is fine. So I have decided to remove the gear lever, make up a panel for where the gear lever was and mount some of the controls in this new panel. It will make for easier access to the forward / reverse switch and also it gives me somewhere to mount the new display that I am still working on. The picture below shows a mock up of the graphics that I will have on the panel. This also shows roughly where the forward / reverse switch, emergency stop button and PAS switch would be mounted and also the display.
The next picture shows the back of the centre console with the gear lever gaiter still in place. This has a plastic flange that screws on in four places, so this means there are four fixings ready to go. I took this off and removed the gaiter from the flange. I could cut the flange, but it will be just as easy to make some bent aluminium strip to fix the new panel on the back of the console.
The next picture shows the centre console removed with the gear lever gaiter still in place. This is where the new panel will go.
The next picture shows the centre console with the mock up mounted behind. I used some cardboard to support this and just taped it on the back side. This was just to check the positions of everything, check the angles and just get a feel for how it will ultimately look. The graphics will be white on a black background.

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