60: Sunday 1st November 2009

Painted the final bit of the gear box red. I took the end off the gearbox and de-rusted it, then painted it black. Painted the large outside gearbox adapter plate black, but ran out of paint when I needed just 1 more squirt, so I will need to go over this again when I have some more paint. Unfortunately there is nowhere nearby open at 5pm on a Sunday where I can buy a little tin of black spray paint, so this will have to wait until tomorrow. I guess I will have to take off the fuel tank now as I really have run out of things to do until I get the motor shaft key and the spacer for the motor hub. I have put this off for as long as possible. Hopefully next weekend I can get a hoist and put the motor and gearbox in. I looked at the older blogs and realised I painted the wrong side of the gearbox plate, so that will save a little time in preparation when I get some more paint.

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