70: Saturday 21st November 2009

I made up a battery model for 1 battery so I could try it in the engine bay. I tried it out and it looked like I could get 3 batteries in the space I had allocated. I was hoping to get 4 in the front, but it was not to be. I measured the space in the trunk and I could get 7 batteries side-by-side in o.k.
So next I made up another model of the space required for 3 batteries. I tried this in the space and it did not fit, yikes! It was sticking up too far. I thought that perhaps if the batteries were at differing heights the they may fit.
So in an act of desperation I got 3 batteries and placed them loose in the engine bay. I was pleased to see that they would go in staggered and the hood would shut. Next job is to make up the frames for the batteries to sit on and clamp them down. As there was a bit of space above 2 of the batteries and they would be at the same level, this is an ideal place to mount the battery charger. I measured the charger and it is about an inch narrower than 2 batteries. Cool.

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